Adding ArcGIS REST single services directly to ArcGIS Desktop

Idea created by akryzanauskashnit-baltic-lt-esridist Employee on Apr 10, 2014
    • torstenschramm
    • chasecarter
    • brisk00
    • middleton
    Problem: impossible to use public ArcGIS Server REST services when base services directory is not public.

    1. I have non-public ArcGIS server http://myserver:8080/arcgis/rest/services
    2. I have published access to directory http://myserver:8080/arcgis/rest/services/PUB using proxy server. Public directory adress: http://myproxysite/arcgis/rest/services/PUB
    3. I can use services from http://myproxysite/arcgis/rest/services/PUB in web applications (Javascript API), but can not add to ArcGIS Desktop.

    Add posibilty to register single data sources using direct ArcGIS REST service URL (http://myproxysite/arcgis/rest/services/PUB/mypublicservice1/MapServer).
    Something similar like adding WMS services.