AGOL administration

Idea created by DamianLaning@rivcoit on Apr 1, 2014
         We have been using AGOL in our organization now almost 1.5 years. The environment has been very useful to the end users but from the admin point of view, there is much room for improvement.
         Need ability to administer credits. We have multiple departments participating in our AGOL but no means to allocate credits to users, groups, roles.... The answers should not be to buy more credits!

         Reporting within AGOLNeed ability to identify which actions are consuming credit and tie back to particular user. Custom Range reporting only works within the calendar year. Would be nice to span years to understand where the usage is within our subscription. Notify user of credit usage without having to go to separate calculator.

         AGOL has proven very useful within our org. Once the admin tools are in place, managers/supervisors will be able to plan and admin the site compared to its current offerings.