make CSV files show up as Files not Layers

Idea created by tormsby-esristaff Employee on Mar 25, 2014
    • khayer_ccc
    When you do a search for items, if you filter by File what gets returned are things like pdfs, images, and documents. To me, it seems natural that a CSV file would be returned by this filter, too. It's a file. But it doesn't get returned by this filter. It does get returned when you filter for layers, however. But a CSV file isn't a layer. It can become one when you add it to a map or publish it, but it isn't one yet. And when it becomes a layer--either a feature service or a feature collection--those are the items (the service or the collection) that should be returned in layer searches. The CSV is just a file.

    So my idea is change the filter so a CSV shows up when you filter by file and not when you filter by layer.