Definition query displaying layer marker (warning) in TOC

Idea created by SylvainBoivinCRNTL on Mar 25, 2014
    • Hornbydd
    • WakePing
    • brisk00
    • SylvainBoivinCRNTL
    As for scale range, when the scale is beyond the one setted in the properties, we should have the same warning for the "definition query" in the TOC. This would help the problem when you can't edit a layer because you have a defintion query (no template shows up).
    Also, it would avoid all bad operation when you make all kind of operation as geoprocessing, data export etc..
    Definition query property is very appreciated but only when are aware of it, especially when you re-use your MXD, you don't remember all query you made.
    Although, the warning should appear in the legend when mapping
    Thanks for reading!