Adjust the size of web help layout for easier reading

Idea created by tereshenkov on Mar 25, 2014
    • tereshenkov
    As we have seen since 10.1/10.1 there was a significant change in the layout of the Web Help. One of the changes is that the upper part of the layout became too large and there is much less space left for the text itself. This makes reading the Help harder particularly on the big screen when you naturally want to adjust the font size to be a bit larger.

    Here is the older version of the Web Help (link).

    Here is the new version (link).

    As you see, the upper layout with some links and logos takes rougly the third part of the screen. I assume that many users including myself after they have started reading the Help would like to be able to hide the upper panel and get there only when they want to jump to Forums or choose another language.