Enable Planarize Lines, Breakline, and Create Parallel Offset when creating new parcels

Idea created by rkelso on Mar 24, 2014
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    When creating a single new parcel in a parcel fabric, the tools Planarize Lines, Breakline, and Create Parallel Offset are not available.  These can only be used when creating a new construction (for creating multiple parcels at one time) or using construct from parent.  It would be good to be able to use these tools in either environment.

    In a perfect world, you have a full set of boundary line calls to constuct a parcel and wouldn't need these tools.  But in the real world you don't always have that, and occasionally any one of these tools might help.

    Also, I've found the parcel fabric editing "user experience" to be inconsistent in some places, and this is a good example.  New Parcel and New Construction are very similar (with important distinctions) and having different tools available in each environment is a poor experience in my humble opinion.  According to esri support, at least a portion of this idea has already been denied as a feature enhancement request, so please promote! :)