Esri Story Map Enhancement Request

Idea created by KWright33 on Mar 17, 2014
    The city of Tampa recently deployed a Story Map of our Riverwalk

         The following are a few of the comments for enhancements that we recieved from our PR staff.

         • Rounded image corners – should be able to display rounded corners
         • Times Roman font – should allow for the change any of the fonts
         • Link color/style – should allow us to change link styles
         • Social media icons –  should allow us to change the social media icon colors
         • When a person clicks/taps on one of the tools (Find, Switch base map, …), clicking/tapping anywhere else on the screen should remove display of that tool’s pop-out display.  Right now, you have to click/tap on the same tool a second time in order to remove it.

         Thank you for your consideration.