WFS Capability checkbox 1.0.0, 1.1.0

Idea created by alexlcc on Mar 11, 2014
    • rkraujutishnit-baltic-lt-esridist
    • ii-pohlmann
    • alexlcc
    • seliverstov
    Similar to ESRI Feature services and the WFS 1.1.0 standard it would be good to 
    have a server side max features constraint for WFS 1.0.0 to prevent large requests
    that cause 'out of server memory' errors.

    I realise WFS 1.0.0 has no such constaint in the OGC standard so perhaps a
    checkbox on the ArcGIS Server WFS capabilities tab to disable 1.0.0 for those
    who want to avoid those errors but still want to make 1.1.0 available via a different