Include NoDataValue property for File/Enterprise GDB rasters

Idea created by erikadade on Mar 11, 2014
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    Please allow a nodata value (or array of values) to be stored on the raster properties of rasters stored in file and enterprise GDB, like you can on file-based rasters.  Then developers would have a  basic option of using a universal nodata value, and could implement additional functionality by interrogating the bit mask along with every pixel value. If one only wanted to use the mask it would cause no problem since it would be a superset of nodata plus other values.
    This would make it easier to implement raster processing on file-based rasters (e.g. GRID) as well as rasters stored in file or enterprise geodatabases, and to support legacy code.
    Also, in the documentation for IPixelBlock3 Interface method NoDataMask(), consider changing the description of the array length from "(n*n+7)/7" to something like "(n*m+7)/8 where n=nrows and m=ncols". Note the change in the denominator.