Offer better suggestions on maintaining topological structure in parcel fabric

Idea created by 1_tiffanypuett on Mar 11, 2014

    You can run the Check Parcel Fabric tool by right-clicking the parcel fabric in the Catalog tab from Arcmap to generate a report on topology type errors. However, once you have your list, it can be difficult to figure out what fixes need to be applied. Here is a snippet from the Resource Center:

    "Linepoint does not have a valid from point

    The point ID referenced in the FromPointID field is not a valid point ID. The point ID is most likely missing."

    My first question is how did it get this way? Topology should be maintained properly in the fabric. In most cases, it is. But some errors may have been inherited into the model before some of the kinks had been worked out in the software or may have crept in from the conversion and thus now should be maintained.

    The information from the RC may be helfpul for some but many users may be left in the dark. Without any suggested approaches users may wreak havoc on the data while frantically trying to resolve an issue. They may try to "Delete inconsistent records" on the Catalog tab with no luck. Then they may try using the Delete fabric orphans tool on the Delete Fabric Records add-in. If that doesn't work then another approach may be to attempt to edit the linepoints table (which you cannot, for very good reason). Try deleting the linepoint and then recreating it. Nope! Unless there is a valid point there then you can't reattach the linepoint. The only repair for this besides re-entering the parcel from its description (which is a great option if that is not how it got there in the first place) is to first try the Regenerate tool from the customize dialog in ArcMap. If that doesn't work, try opening the parcel and clicking 2 cells in the construction grid while being careful not to disturb any values. This will enable the "Keep changes" button. That usually does the trick. But depending on the severity of the issue (if combined withother issues) you may be better off recreating the parcel. How would you know any of that??

    My suggestion is to offer potential solutions to the errors that can be encountered and potentially offer better tools to manage. Perhaps users could right-click a parcel to see errors on that parcel. Then they could click regenerate or something to "repair" the erroneous parcel. Instead of placing all of the errors on one document, consider breaking them into separate tabs like Parcel errors, lines errors, point errors...not only would it make it simple to get to the information users need but with the proposed suggested fix, the repairs could happen quickly and overall performance could be improved.

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