Generate better reports w/ Check Parcel Fabric tool

Idea created by 1_tiffanypuett on Mar 11, 2014

    From time to time it may be useful to check the topological structure of your parcel fabric data using the Check Parcel Fabric tool. This tool generates a report that can be saved to a txt file for later use and possible fabric cleanup. It looks something like this:


    Not only is this difficult to navigate but it makes the cleanup process tedious. I am proposing an alternative format so that it can be read directly in ArcMap or brought into Excel for managing and working with. I'm thinking something like this:


    This way users can back-track to the appropriate parcel and focus more appropriately on its geometry as the cause for some of the other underlying issues. Another advantage of having it organized this way is to implement best practices in editing while discovering some of the bad practices that may have been used. Users could attempt to recreate the geometry of the parent parcel. Then run the tool and quickly see which if any of the errors went away. Thus, discovering the potential cause of the error and further avoiding it in the future.