Apply Symbol Selector from Any Level of Properties

Idea created by DMakridakis on Mar 6, 2014
    It would cut design time in half if there was an option to apply symbol properties from any level of the settings. Currently it can take 4-6 windows just to change 1 color of 1 symbol to then find out it still isn’t right and have to go through all of the windows again. When needing to alter many labels and symbols in map this can really slow the design down. 

    Figure 1: Windows to alter the halo color for a symbol

    Figure 2: Windows to change Halo color for a label

    It would also be convent if you could select multiple symbols or labels > right click > and choose what option you would like to change for all of them while keeping the rest of the settings intact.

    Many times I create a whole symbology for a feature class and realize it would benefit greatly if there was a thicker outline on all the simple marker circles, or they would all show better if I added a halo. Or maybe I just spent half a day designing a map using a halo setting around my label classes, clicking through all the windows, to find out my boss doesn't approve of the color choice. I then need to update each one individually. This then gets into the whole need to click through all the windows again wasting more valuable work hours.

    As a cartographer first analyst/programmer second this feature would greatly help me!