Domain List in Field Calculator

Idea created by cfoster15 on Mar 6, 2014

    I would like to see the Field Calculator include the Coded Domains associated with that field.


    I have a feature class that I am updating, currently there are 9 fields that need to be updated for each feature.  When a single feature is selected, it is easy to use the drop down boxes associated with the domains to populate the fields.  When there are multiple selections for a feature, then I have to use the Field Calulator.  I generally click on the header field name and then put the coded value in " " and then hit ok. 


    It would save much time if when:


    1. I opened Field Calculator, it would display the coded domains for selction.
    2. I right clicked on the field title, it would allow me to select a coded domain that would calculate down the entire selected column.



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