ESRI UK to get full control of ArcGIS Online user accounts for UK Customers

Idea created by Alexander2002 on Mar 4, 2014
    • Alexander2002
    ESRI UK need to get full access to AGOL for it's UK customers.  The delay caused by passing the request to the US is too much.

    The problem occured when several invitations expired and I tried to send them again by deleting the user and re-sending the invitation but ended up getting "Your organisation has reached the maximum number of users your current subscription allows..."  Also how do you know how many users you are allowed?

    The trick, I was told, was to go to Pending Members and remove the invitation - not delete the user which means you cannot remove the invitation and you (potentially- and in my case) get locked out from adding more users. 
    You then have to wait about a week (or two) to bounce between ESRI UK and ESRI inc.  If ESRI UK had access to account settings it could be fixed in less than half the time.

    Alternatively, or in addition, ESRI should fix the bug where a user has been deleted but its corresponding invitation has not been deleted (but is no longer available for the administrator to remove) and thus still takes up the space of a user, preventing the administrator from re-adding the user or adding any other users.

    I also suggest increasing the invitation expiration from 2 weeks to 2 months.  People are often too busy with work/holiday/other obligations that the expiration occurs before you know it.