Parcel Fabric:  Build and delete parent parcel

Idea created by rkelso on Mar 3, 2014
    Not in Current Product Plan

    When using Construct From Parent to create parcels in parcel fabric, you have the options to Build and mark Historic or Build and keep all Current.  There are times where it would be nice to have the option to Build and Delete parent parcel, so you don't have to delete it manually if you have no need for it.

    Since I am starting with lower quality parcel data in my fabric, this option would be nice.  I frequently construct from parent to fix errors in existing parcels and since these are not changes to the legal record, I have no desire to keep a historic parcel.  It would save me a step if build and delete parent was an option.

    A "delete parent parcel" check-box could also be useful with the Merge, Parcel Division, and Parcel Remainder tools, but I would mostly use this with construct from parent.