Scaled plotting from client or server and scaled export to PDF

Idea created by elmeras on Mar 3, 2014
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    Date entered: 2008 ESRI enhancement #: NIM032606 - CR68276 - Need ability to zoom to specific scale both for viewing and printing in the web mapping application. PUG 2008 ESRI response: ArcGIS Server 9.3 has a new print task that provides same functionality as ArcIMS. It prints at the current scale being viewed. We have submitted an enhancement (above) to be able to specify the scale. In general, we would like to understand more about your expectations for printing & exporting from ArcGIS Server web mapping apps. Is there a short list of options you could come up with that if implemented would meet most of your needs , while still keeping the user interface fairly simple? Rupert Essinger/ESRI2011 PUG Damian Spangrud: We just published a blog post covering this topic. It includes best practices, source code and live sample applications.[]As described in the blog pot post, we plan to enhance this technique in 10.1. It is important to highlight that we plan to release and out of the box printing service in 10.1, it is NOT designed for high quality plotting. Using ArcPy.Mapping as described in the blog post above, is the recommended path to generate sophisticated plots in PDF format.  Note: Reassigned to category "Web mapping - Developer" per Rupert Essinger's.  Brad Dean, Chevron.