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    Date entered: 2008 ESRI Enhancement #:  NIM032559 - CR68260 - Users would like some built-in reporting tasks in the web ADF. Currently you have to be a developer to create simple reports. Add report generation task to ArcGIS Server out-of-box map client. Ideally you'd be able to give it a report template and this would be included as a task.PUG 2008 ESRI response:  We agree this is a limitation currently: you shouldn't have to be a developer to create a simple reports. We'd added the above enhancement request. There are some third party tools:- Orion GIS provides Crystal Report-based server. - ASPOSE PDF .net and Java report components: Microsoft SQL Reporting Server:                                                          [[category:2008]]== See also ==[[category:Web mapping - Developer]]Note: Reassigned to category "Web mapping - Developer" per Rupert Essinger's.  Brad Dean, Chevron.