Grids and graticules

Idea created by elmeras on Mar 3, 2014
    • elmeras

         Date entered: 2008 PUG 2008 ESRI Response: We are reviewing this for a future release. Ideally it should be easy to enable a grid or graticule for your web mapping application, Currently you either have to include a layer containing the desired grid lines, or there is a developer control available  in 9.1/9.2. Do you have a list of requirements for this or do you want it to match the ArcMap user interface for defining graticles as much as possible?ESRI enhancement #: NIM032560 - CR68268 - Want ability to overlay long/lat graticules and XY grids on the web mapping application like you can do in ArcMap.

         Fixed in 10.1. Closed per Scott Sitzman - 11/5/12

         Note: Reassigned to category "Web mapping - Developer" per Rupert Essinger's

    Brad Dean, Chevron