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    Date entered: 2008 ESRI enhancement #: NIM032557 - CR68265 - Currently, right-clicking the map in the web mapping app doesn't always give you the ability to copy the map image to the clipboard (see NIM032563 / CR68263 If you right-click a map in the web mapping application and choose Copy, the entire image isn't always copied: you often just get the particular tile you right-clicked. PUG 2008 ESRI Response: If we can't get right-click + copy to work correctly for all maps we should look at providing another standard way of providing this basic functionality. Currently the workaround is for the user to take a screenshot of the map..not really a great solution. Copying a map image and pasting it into another app is a pretty basic and useful piece of functionality. Rupert Essinger/ESRI[[category:2008]]  Note: Reassigned to category "Web mapping - Developer" per Rupert Essinger's.  Brad Dean, Chevron.