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Idea created by elmeras on Mar 3, 2014
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    Date entered: 2008 PUG 2008 ESRI Response:  In ArcGIS Server 9.2 we added control over units, font color and bar color. Repositioning still requires that you into dev environment. Let us know exactly what your expectations are for this. In the Server environment we are trying to keep things simple, but is there a small set of properties or options we could add that would make the scale bar meet your needs directly without you having to use the development environment. We also expect that as Server is used more widely that developers will share specialized controls that they create that might meet your needs. Rupert Essinger/ESRIBrad Dean Response  We're finding that we have to manually add the following code in the dev environment to produce scale bars that work at all scales.  It would be better if the default selection in ArcGIS Server Manager Create Web Application allowed you to select 'Miles/Feet' or 'Kilometers/Meters' rather than 'Feet', 'Miles', 'Meters', 'Kilometers'. #region Todo: change scale unit    protected void Map1_ScaleChanged(object sender, ScaleEventArgs args)    {        if (args.NewScale < 30000)        {            this.ScaleBar1.BarUnits = ScaleBarUnits.Feet;        }        else        {            this.ScaleBar1.BarUnits = ScaleBarUnits.Miles;        }    }    #endregion  Note: Reassigned to category "Web mapping - Developer" per Rupert Essinger's.  Brad Dean, Chevron