Support data Localization for Services published by ArcGIS Server

Idea created by paul2221 on Feb 26, 2014
    • paul2221
    • sacdou
    Ever notice that when viewing Date/Time data from a Service, the values are localize automatically?  (assuming the data is stored in UTC)
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to view the Speed of a vehicle or the Temperature of the air localized for you if you want?
    If the client or Server can convert the time data to your local time, making it MUCH easier to relate, why not other data? I think it would be interesting to support Field-based Meta-data that would allow you to specify the units that the data is stored in. These units could be predefined standards for Volume, Weight, Speed, Distance, Temperature, and so on. When accessing the data, this Meta-data could be leveraged to localize the data to your preferred settings.
    You could specify that the Temperature field is storing data as Kelvin, allowing the client to convert to Fahrenheit or Celsius based on where the client is located.
    You could specify that the Wind Speed data field is storing data as Knots, allowing me to view as Meters per second or Miles per hour based on my localization preference.
    It would be nice to have the choice of using the data that someone else has published, in the units I need them in!