Add more Web App templates to AGOL

Idea created by topmap on Feb 26, 2014

    Can you create a web app template which lets users:

    1.     See map scale and North arrow somewhere on the map,
    2.     View time aware data (where time slider does not cover half of the page when switched on), 
    3.     View the list of the available layers (which can be constantly seen on the side bar, rather than annoyingly close each time layer is switched on/off), 
    4.     See description of a map (as a first thing users see when they open the app), 
    5.     Print the map (which actually shows the current time window, rather than all data combined)
    6.     Print with legend (showing layers which are chosen to be visible in the legend. At the moment layers, e.g. tiled mapping service is always showing in the legend). 
    7.     Have option to customise scale bar!

    Most of the templates do all of these but none of them can do all these 7 things at the same time!