Improve help file when searching for geo-processing environment setting

Idea created by Hornbydd on Feb 25, 2014
    • Hornbydd
    • BruceLang
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    • rchasan
    • mping
    I have a recurring problem with the desktop help.

    All geo-processing tools list the environment settings they honor at the bottom of their help page. Some tools honor many, others just a few. But finding out which tools honor a specific environment setting is difficult.

    For example which tools honor the Qualified field names setting? I was trying to export a dataset with a join but I did not want the resulting dataset to be fully qualified. After much faffing around it turned out to be the Copy Features tool.

    If I type into the search box in desktop help the terms "qualified field names environment" or any variant of this help fails to identify any tool as using this environment setting which is clearly wrong.

    Either help needs to be updated in some way so it returns sensible keyword searches or maybe a new section added to the help file listing environment settings and which tools use them. At the momement the only way to discover which tool is capable of using a specific setting is to A) know a particular tool exists and B) go research its help page which defeats the whole one-stop search box that ESRI are pushing.