Create Views In ArcCatalog Like In SDE Command Line

Idea created by carrierkh on Feb 21, 2014

    Moderator's note: This idea is implemented with enhancements to the 'Register with Geodatabase' geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS 10.5. 
    This tool will now allow the registration of database views. Please see the help topics and blog reference for more information! 

    When creating a view in SDE 10.x through ArcGIS Desktop it creates a query layer in SDE.
    The drawback to using query layers is each time the layer / view is added to ArcMap the user must choose a unique id field and also choose the extent. This might not be much for an experienced Esri user but asking others to do this each time they would like to use the layer is not reasonable in my opinion.

    When creating a view in SDE 10.x through SDE command line it actually creates a view / featureclass not a query layer. When adding this view / featureclass to ArcMap the user is not prompted to choose a unique identifier field or spatial extent, it simply gets added to the map like any other layer and performs like any other layer. This is how views should function in my opinion.

    The issue I am noticing is that creating a view in SDE command line is not the same as creating a view in ArcCatalog. My question is why? Most if not all who have taken a recent geodatabase admin class have been told to try and begin learning python and start moving away from SDE command line. Before this can happen we need the same functionality available to us via command line in my opinion.

    Noticeable differences.

    Creating views through ArcCatalog:

    1. Creates a query layer.
    2. Registers the view with the geodatabase.
    3. User must choose unique id field in ArcMap.
    4. User must choose spatial extent in ArcMap.

    Creating views through SDE Command Line:

    1. Creates a view but in ArcCatalog looks like a featureclass.
    2. Does not register with geodatabase.
    3. User does not have to choose a unique id field in ArcMap.
    4. User does not have to choose a spatial extent in ArcMap.

    My biggest problem with this entire scenario is with sde command line if I specify an OBJECTID field and a SHAPE column ArcCatalog alreadys knows what type of layer this is (polygon, point, line) and it shows it as such in ArcCatalog. Also notice in the image below the view created with command line is seen as SDE Feature Class and the one created via ArcCatalog is just seen as Feature Class?




    While I truly appreciate many of the advancements made to geodatabase administration both through Desktop and Python, I see the use of query layers for views as a step backwards. Please consider giving us the same functionality for creating views in ArcCatalog as we have with SDE command line. If SDE command line is in fact going away I would hope this level of functionality would be present in the Desktop environment before command line is discontinued.


    Thank you for your consideration!