Improve printing from arcgis online ~ top priority!

Idea created by jkaboaf on Feb 5, 2014
    I am so frustrated with ArcGIS online inability to print. First of all, most of my maps with services will not even print, I just get the message: "An error occurred while creating the printed map."

    And I know many others get this message, too.

    Second, the printing options are so limited ~ to a tiny window ~ unless you have Arcgis Server. Tiny windows are not helpful! At a minimum, a full letter size is needed in most cases, with either portrait or landscape. Most subscribers cannot afford ArcGIS server, so this isn't helpful to the average user. Please introduce the capability to choose page sizes and print legends. I know, others have made the same request.

    ESRI has made online mapping a top priority. But as pretty as the maps can be, they aren't much use without robust printing ability.

    Thanks for listening.