GeoJSON and EsriJSON interoperability

Idea created by nccgia on Feb 5, 2014
    • rgrichards
    • fcbassongis
    • nccgia
    • middleton
    Build out the JSON related tools to allow for conversion between both formats so that moving data out of and into ArcGIS using this format is as convenient as possible. Build upon what the Esri folks have done in Portland with Terraformer by providing dialogs for the user (in the case of going from geojson to esrijson) to define the attribute field names and types so that the output is turnkey EsriJSON. Of course, the same should be true going from EsriJSON to GeoJSON. The output of the conversion should be as close as possible to turnkey GeoJSON. Any further actions required by the user should be described in the output dialog.

    In our specific case, we are actually trying to get GeoJSON into ArcGIS so that we can serve it with ArcGIS Server.