Check geometry validity (and fix if invalid) in ArcPad

Idea created by ikatinashnit-baltic-lt-esridist Employee on Jan 26, 2014
    • jurjon
    There is a need for a tool in the ArcPad to check if a geometries of a newly collected data is valid and to fix it if not. All this should be possible while in the field.

    During the field work, collecting data using GPS quite often results in a self-overlapping polygons and polylines. When collected data are then checked in back to the geodatabase, these geometries won't be stored in it since the geodatabase will threat these overlapping as geometry errors. The following error message will be displayed: "Linestring or poly boundary is self-intersecting". Because of this, the user must get back to the field and recollect the data, which is inefficient and expensive. 
    The tool which would allow the user to check if the geometry is valid on the spot would fix this issue. It would be even better if it would also allow to fix the invalid polygon without the need to recollect the entire polygon/polyline anew. This could be achieved by allowing to add/delete vertices to existing geometries and/or modify selected vertices using GPS as it can be done now by hand using “Select & Vertex Editing” tool.