Change How Field Type is Determined

Idea created by andersobbb on Jan 23, 2014
    When bringing a table into ArcGIS, the program currently scans the first eight records of the table and determines the format of the fields. I would like to see an option to expand this default and have the first 200+ records scanned before a field type is determined.

    I am working with thousands of tables and I have written a python script to automatically bring these tables into ArcGIS to process the data. These tables have speed data and occasionally the first several records (200+ records) will be 0 and then the there will be floating point numbers when the speeds are increasing later on in the table. The current way that ArcGIS assigns field type is causing the field type to be set to LONG format when I need FLOAT to maintain the data. This is causing a loss of data (all of the floating point numbers are converted to 0) and due to the amount of files, manipulating the data manually is not an option. 

    Please fix this so I don't lose data!