Add the "value range" option to the Spatial Analyst Expand tool

Idea created by snorth on Jan 20, 2014
    • enile
    • snorth
    In Workstation ArcInfo, the Expand command (in Grid) includes an option to specify a range of values to expand instead of a list of values.

    From Workstation Arc/Info Help doc:
    EXPAND(<in_grid>, <ncells>, FILE, <select_file>)
    FILE - keyword indicating the zones to select will be listed in an ASCII text file.
    <select_file> - the name of an ASCII text file containing the value or value ranges from the VAT to be selected.

    The Expand command has been migrated to ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.  However, in ArcGIS 10.1, this command does not include an option to input a range of values.  The only option is to input a "list of zone values to expand".

    I would like to see the "range of values" option added to the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Expand tool.  This would give it the same functionality as the old Workstation version of the tool, and allow us to migrate a procedure that we have so far had to keep running in Workstation.