Analyze and present warning when Primary Field does not exist for a feature class

Idea created by rgrichards on Jan 17, 2014
    • rastrauch
    • blake.terhune
    • rgrichards
    • rchasan
    Please analyze the primary field for all feature classes and tables during the map analyze workflow. We re-use many feature layers and resource to other feature classes. In the event the re-sourced feature class does not have the primary field the map is still published but throws errors using the REST query method without any outfields specified. 

    Since ArcGIS Server defaults to using the Primary Field when no outfield is specified, it should be smart enough to analyze this and warn the publisher before causing this issue. 

    This can also be duplicated by setting a primary field, publishing a map service, modifying the mxd and turn off the primary field, overwrite the map service and an unhelpful error is thrown to the user.

    Below are screen shots illustrating this issue, please fix it because how would publishers or adminstrators know?