Change Expression Parsers Within Python

Idea created by ericmeyers on Jan 16, 2014
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    At the following link, you are able to python script an expression for the arcpy.mapping.labelclass but cannot switch between programing languages:

    Although it is quoted "Provides the ability to get or set a layer's individual label class expression. This can be as simple as a single field or more advanced using either a VBScript, JScript or Python expression." This can only be done if you change the parser and re-save the map document, which only sets the approriate parser for the layer that is active within that map document. However, what if you write a python script that adds new layers into the map document, you should be able to set the parser to the language you prefer. Instead, ArcMap always defaults to VBScript, something you also cannot change within ArcMap Options.

    To sum up, the SDK team at ESRI should add another property to all classes that have parsers to determine the parser to be used for expression scripting. Thank you.