Ability to overwrite services in ArcGIS Online

Idea created by fushigi13 on Jan 12, 2014
    We are a fairly new adopter of Esri and are optimistic that ArcGIS Online can be a key hub component of the location platform; however, AGOL at this stage has some fundamental functions that are simply overly cumbersome.  Publishing from Desktop to AGOL at first blush seems simple and great but the problems arise when user tries to update existing layers/services.  Want to add one single store to a store locations layer and update on AGOL?  Piece of cake, right?  Nope.  AGOL needs to allow the ability during the publishing process to select an existing filename on AGOL and an overwrite/update option, pretty much like any other file management system around.  To me this is an obviously basic function that should be simple.  Is there a Python or other scripting/coding solution?  Maybe but it shouldn't be required.  Publishing to AGOL is not always a case of publishing a brand new layer/service.  Updating is key.  Another improvement would be in the area of "file" organization on the site.  I realize that the tagging system is trying to be somewhat different than simply a file explorer type of view but it results in something analagous to searching for "zip code" in Google and getting 1,937 pages of results.  Groups are great for controlling user access to specific content but don't allow for any further meaningful organization.  It doesn't take long for list of files to get out of control.  In effect, the site is only searchable, not browseable.  It can be enhanced with sub folders and other common file management features to allow for browseability.  AGOL doesn't have to become Sharepoint (which has its own issues) but it really should have a lot of the functionality that we are accustomed to with such services.  One of AGOL's key selling points is supposed to be sharing of content but this is severely limited by these two simple, fundamental shortcomings.