Coded Domain icons - Select icon/emoji rather than text - Eg. Smiley face rating system

Idea created by glovera on Jan 8, 2014
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    In recent years maps have had to become much more user friendly. This is expecially apparent when looking at data capture. The ArcGIS mobile app, ArcGIS collector, as well as the range of templates on ArcGIS online now allow you to open your data capture application up to people with no background or understanding of GIS.

    To keep Data Quality high it is often best to limit the users "creativity" in text fields, and as such Coded Domains offer a great way to get the user to input attribution without the concerns that come with free-text boxes.

    I would love to see this developed further so that rather being given a drop down of text descriptions, the user selects from a drop down of icons that are representative of the text description. (Obv text drop downs still have their uses too.)

    For example.
    A user is doing field work which is weather sensative. (A butterfly count or similar, were weather will likely effect the results). Therefore a field for Weather has been provided in the feature class, and this is managed using a coded domain.

    My suggestion is...
    Rather than the user clicking the drop down and picking a text description to state "Rainy" or "Sunny", the user could pick an icon that represents this value. ie. A little sun, a big cloud, lightening bolt etc.

    The "Description" that the user sees is just there for the users benefit, but a code is stored in the attribute table.

    My suggecetion does not change the core functionality, but the user experience is improved.

    Obviously icons are not appropriate for all coded domains, but I think the option to "use icons" could be really useful!

    Using icons also breaks down language barriers, so you accomodate users who read little or no english. This could be a great help to the deaf community, tourism industry, interacting with older or younger people.

    Potential applications (off the top of my head);
    •           Smiley to sad face user experience fields
    •           1 to 5 star rating user experience fields
    •           Weather conditions drop down
    •           Species Survey - Click the image that looks like the animal allows users who cannot identify the species
    I am confident that there are many more applications for this that other users can think of.