Port the Python Toolbox's 'canRunInBackground' property to the standard arcpy module

Idea created by johnmdye on Dec 9, 2013
    • petra.zieger
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    • johnmdye
    • dan_odonohue
    Currently, there is no available method in arcpy to programatically enable or disable Background Processing. Yet, Background Processing can be performed on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. So this is not a question of system architecture, but really just consistency in ESRI's Python Libraries.

    The standard arcpy site package needs a method exposed to enable/disable Background Processing. Python Toolboxes can do this using the 'canRunInBackground' method exposed under their __init__ method. I understand that for toolboxes, you have to pick a processing environment at runtime, but this is not true for the general ArcMap environment. The User can move back and forth between Foreground and Background Processing with every other tool through the GeoProcessing Options if they so choose.

    Being able to programatically leverage this method would be advantageous for those of us building custom tools, through Python Addins, to be able to run a tool in the background and let the user keep doing their thing.