Esri Maps for SharePoint Business Connectivity Services - Connect to and use ArcSDE spatial data

Idea created by JGrondin-esristaff Employee on Dec 6, 2013
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    In the current release of Esri Maps for SharePoint there is a new work flow called Esri Maps Connect.  This work flow utilizes the SharePoint Business Connectivity Services to connect to external data and spatially enable the data.  The documentationon this is outlined here (  

    In this documentation it says that it can use address data or existing spatial data (SQL Server spatial data types) to create a list which is connected with this external data.  Updates to one are propagated to the other.

    It would enhance the usability of the product if one could also connect to ArcSDE feature class data using this same work flow.  ArcSDE data already has spatial data and if this spatial data could be accessed and used in the SharePoint environment it would allow users to see ArcSDE data in the Esri Maps and ArcGIS Map Web Part and also update it using existing SharePoint work flows.