Allow copy and paste of labels in modelbuilder

Idea created by Hornbydd on Dec 4, 2013
    • GemmaGubbins
    • Hornbydd
    • BrianO
    • gohornby

    In modelbuilder you can create labels to help explain the logic of a model.

    Typically you would change the font/colour/justification properties of a label so they display nicely.

    A model may have more than 1 label for which you would want the same properies of font /colour etc. The copy and paste button on the toolbar do not work with labels they only work with the elements of a geoprocessing tool.

    It would be really useful if the copy and paste button allowed you to copy and paste labels. In many other parts of the ArcGIS system the copy and paste is context aware and will intelligently copy and paste, why not modelbuilder?