CSS prefix naming change

Idea created by eitdhc on Nov 25, 2013
    • eitdhc
    (dicussed in thread http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/96374-CSS-Naming-conflicts-within-API).

    While there may be other cases, the use of the class 'container' in such a generic form is causing conflicts when trying to incorporate Bootstrap styling into an ESRI map based site.

    ex. within a map-display / map class : <div id="map_div_root" class="container".....<div id="map_div_container" class="container">..
    the generic use of "container" generates a side effect of a max-width of the map being set by Bootstrap.

    While this can be overcome with some basic css, would using an esri- prefix within js.api generated objects all but eliminate current and future css conflicts? Some of the more popular "add-ons" are revising their naming conventions to avoid such conflicts (Font Awesome is a great example as they just changed their icon- prefix to fa-). Just an idea/suggestion.

    IDEA: Change ANY/ALL esri based css naming conventions to carry an esri- prefix.