Improve user management in ArcGIS Online

Idea created by tskolev on Nov 22, 2013
    One of the things that really poses a threat to our company and could possible be the deal-breaker for utilizing ArcGS Online is the extremely limited user management. It is fairly impossible to control each user's role in the organization.
    My feeling is that ESRI could improve user management by implementing some of these points:
    1. Create permissions on user's level
    - Permission to view features and applications;
    - Permission to download data from features;
    - Permission to edit maps;
    - Permission to create groups (I can't even believe that this is not existant);
    - Etc.

    Note: It would be even better if these permissions can be linked to groups. E.g. User X is in Group Y and Group Z. User X can share/edit maps/features in Group Y, but is revoked the permission in Group Z.

    2. Possibility to define user roles and assign them to users (and get rid of the pointless User, Publisher roles)
    The 1st point will be pointless of course if you have to set up permissions for each user alone, therefore it would be good to have the option to assign roles to users. Think of it as the roles in a database.

    For a company this will be very appealing, because it gives you the ability to 'duplicate' the structure of the organization. It really gives great flexbility.

    3. User should have a 'workspace' as an optional feature, because normally workspace belong to the organization and not the user.
    It is silly that each user has his own 'workspace content' and if he does not share his items with his fellow co-workers, they will remain visible only to him (and the administrator). For me, this should be optional. Workspaces should be linked to either groups (best case) or the whole organization.

    4. Create a 'viewer' account
    I think it will be very interesting for every company to be able to pay less for account for people that just want to view the maps inside their organization. Not everybody is a mapmaker.

    This is what I can think of right now. I am not inventing the wheel, these things exist in almost every platform - from databases to CMS. What is curious is why ESRI hasn't worked on that yet. What is more interesting is, if it ever plans to.