LGIM Address Editing Template

Idea created by KWright33 on Nov 21, 2013
    • enile
    • KWright33
    • paulcone
    When you add an address point using the address editing template an address number is autimatically assigned based where the point is placed along the assocoated centerline.

    A nice feature becase it creates the association between point and centerline. 
    But understandably this auto assigned address number usually needs to be changed.

    It would be nice if when an address number is changed a validation would occur that not allow an address change to be made if the new address number falls outside of the valid street range for the associated centerline.

    For example:  A street centerline has an address range of 100-198 and 101-199.  Create a validation porcess that would not allow an address point assoicated with that centerline to have address outside of that range. 
    No 200 range addresses on the 100 block centerline etc...