ARCGIS server light version

Idea created by slcarson on Nov 15, 2013
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    One complaint I have heard in multiple ESRI workplace environments is the difficulty accessing the AGS technologies in an organization.  It seems like ESRI is perpetuating the separation of GIS programmers and the rest of the non-GIS programmers by the fact that only a few licenses/individuals hold all the functionality and often do not distribute these technologies.   While there is an online option, in reality, many programmers want to embed mapping within existing code not have the mapper itself be the product like the online ArcGIS tool or what the typical AGS license holder(the GIS manager) will produce.  What is the result of this common scenario?  The increasing use of Google and other API’s plus varies ways to serve the data out of non-SDE databases even when these ESRI products might be available already in an organization.  ESRI already provides free web API’s but what about providing AGS “light” versions with reduced functionality for free, low cost or that simply comes with a desktop license?  That way all programmers could be exposed to ESRI technologies and when additional functionality is needed the programmers will be proponents of additional license purchases rather than finding alternative solutions because they either do not know or don’t have access to an organization AGS resource.