Need more granular security in Server 10.2

Idea created by jason_patterson-esristaff Employee on Oct 30, 2013
    Currently any Role that has Admin or Publisher permissions can see and access all secured services.  It would be beneficial to be able to grant access to services and/or folders to a Role with Admin/Publisher permissions but then prohibit acess to other folders or services that the Role doesn't have access to.

    Folder for Fire Dept and Folder for Police Dept, both secure
    - Role FD has access to Fire Dept folder
    - Role PD has access to Police Dept folder
    If the permission level for each of these Roles are set to User the users in the FD Role cannot access the Police Dept folder.  However...if the FD Role has Admin/Publisher permissions then ALL users in that Role now have access to ALL services and folders within Server even if the Role isn't explicitly added to any other services and folders.