Raise the maximum output image size globally

Idea created by ATzschieter on Oct 28, 2013
    On ArcGIS for Server you have a default maximum output image size of 2048*2048 px.
    The value is defined in the configuration of a MapSerer (%installdir%\server\user\cfg\*.MapServer.cfg):


    If you want to raise this value, you have to do it in the configuration file of each service.
    But after a change of the configuration of a mapserver with the ArcGIS Server Administrator the value you inserted is overwritten.
    If you have a lot of services, this makes a lot of work to keep your defined values and it is very error-prone.

    There should be a property to change the maximum image size globally for all services, so you can change the value for all services in one step.

    We have user with a display resolution of 2560*1440 px and they can't use our services in full screen mode.