Automated Request form or email in ArcGIS for Canadian NTv2.gsb file.

Idea created by chucklopez on Oct 25, 2013

         Although supported, ArcGIS does not install nor include the Canadian NTv2 Transformation grid files (.GSB). If the NTv2 grid is not installed, the geographic transformation will not execute, and the data will not be transformed to the new datum e.g. NAD27 to NAD83 or vice versa (see

         Many ArcGIS Users are unaware of this and as a result may corrupt their data and/or get incorrect results if attempting to transform Canadian maps and spatial data between NAD27 and NAD83.

         It is my understanding that the Canadian Government precludes Esri from distributing the NTv2.gsb file with the ArcGIS Installation package. However, it may be possible for Esri to develop an automated form or email that would be sent to an authorized or official Canadian Government Agency on behalf of or for the End User requesting the NTv2.gsb file. Perhaps Esri Canada could assist in approaching the Canadian Government to develop this automated request form (see