Bring back the ability to snap to a multipart line in an edit session

Idea created by smoussadji on Oct 23, 2013
    • geopraxis
    • smoussadji
    • rchasan
    In an edit session, I am creating a multipart line. I create the first part of my line, then select 'Finish Part'. When I go to create the second part of my line, I find that I am not able to snap to any vertices of the first part I created. Prior to version 10.x, I was able to do this without any issues. 

    Some research revelead this functionality was removed as part of the design to support vertical lines (NIM060820). It would be great if the developers could provide an option to disable the ability to edit vertical lines when I want to snap to multipart polyline features in an edit session. Ideally, I would be able to re-enable to the option to edit vertical lines when needed.