ArcGIS Online public map should not automaticaly publish the data to everyone(Public)

Idea created by tstcivc on Oct 17, 2013

    Currently, publishing a map in arcgis online forces us to make underlying feature services (ie : a layer created from shapefile) also public. A public feature is automaticaly visible/usable by other users.


    So "sharing a map" = "sharing underlaying features" = "rendering them available for any user of arc map (view / download)".


    It's very bad for private / confidential layers ! Giving it to everyone (i.e. viewed in arc map and then downloaded / copied) is not acceptable.


    Please allow us to render feature services public (in order to make the map public) without publishing them to all ESRI users : add an option to "block" the sharing.


    PS : please excuse mispellings, i'm not native english speaker