Divorce Oracle Client Version from Instance Parameter

Idea created by aziegler on Sep 24, 2013
    We have thousands of GIS files to maintain, so updating the Oracle Client is a big deal because we have to touch every single file and update the instance parameter from the old client version to the new. We are currently in the process of updating from 10.0 to 10.2 and I noticed that when setting the instance parameter for an SDE connection the utility can self-detect what version you are using by reading the PATH environment variable.

    So....can ESRI please make SDE connections less specific on connection details? Instead of imbedding connection details into every connection within an MXD, can config files be used to specify these parameters? I would suggest reading the environment path every time, but I realize that in some cases maybe an older version of a client must be before the most current release to support an older application.

    I’ve only ever worked with SDE in Oracle and SQL Server, but both have dependencies on the instance parameter. Why can’t the instance parameter be read in when an MXD is opened from a config file versus being stored within the mxd?

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    Adam Z