Provide ability to assign a colormap to a raster layer in ArcGIS Runtime for WPF

Idea created by jbailey.spatialbridge on Sep 16, 2013
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    Currently, the only ways to assign a specific colormap to a raster in ArcGIS Runtime are:
    1.           Define the colormap in an ArcMap document, save to a map package, and load the layer from the map package.
    2.           Use an ArcGIS Server image service.
    I have a scenario in which an external process creates an image that I need to display in a runtime application, and I need to change the symbology from the default symbology that the external process uses. This environment does not have an ArcGIS Server instance, and the application of the colormap must occur programatically as there's no opportunity for operator intervention to create a map package in ArcGIS Desktop.

    To support this scenario, I propose a simple method by which a colormap can be applied to a raster map programatically in a runtime application