Pause button for ArcCatalog Contents window

Idea created by court_moe on Sep 5, 2013
    Add a Pause button in ArcCatalog so users can browse through folders, files, and geodatabases without waiting for them to load in the Contents window.  Like the Pause Draw button in ArcMap.  This pause button could also work with the other windows - such as Preview & Description.  A user could pause the Contents window, browse to a feature class in the Catalog Tree, click on Preview, choose Table view and Unpause the view - without loading a geometry view of the data.  Super helpful for large datasets that you only need to see the records.

    It would also be nice if just browsing (with the contents window paused) to a file or personal geodatabase did not create a lock on the database either.  Very similar to browsing to a file in windows explorer.