Improve Route Hatching Drawing Speed

Idea created by justin.preikschas_exp on Sep 4, 2013
    The way route hatches are drawn is extremely inefficient. You must be very patient If you have a long route and need to turn on close interval hatching for large-scale viewing. We almost always have to create our own point data and label it, which is obviously no longer dynamic and you have to create them again every time you modify the route.

    As an example, I have a 450 mile pipeline route that I would like to hatch every 0.1 miles. When I zoom in to the very start of the line to only show 4 hatches, it takes 24 seconds to draw only 4 hatches! Good look panning around with that turned on! Interestingly, if I zoom out to show the entire route, it takes the same 24 seconds to draw 4500 hatches.

    It seems like ArcMap does not care if you only want to look at a tiny portion of the route, and will just generate all the hatches for the whole route (very slowly).

    As another example relevant to the pipeline and transportation industries, we can't even dream of efficiently using hatching to show engineering stationing (hatches every 100ft). With hatches every 100ft (which is actually a common need), the draw time for a 450 mile pipeline goes all the way to 2:35 per screen refresh, regardless of whether you a viewing just 10 hatches or all ~24k of them!

    Please fix this!!