ArcGIS Online Details (metadata) pages need improvement

Idea created by gdaumillerMSL on Aug 29, 2013
    Already Offered

    ArcGIS Online doesn't have a good metadata system.  Items on AGO should be able to have full ArcGIS metadata stored with it and available, and the default Details pages should be improved.  The full ArcGIS metadata schema does not apply to many item types, but there are a few key metadata elements that could be used to provide the details for any kind of item.

    Here are my complaints about and suggestions for the details view:
    ·  Two of the metadata fields are not what users probably think they are, and are probably not what organizations want to share:

    o The "Last Modified" field is the date when the details were modified.  Users probably think this is when the item was modified.  I'm sure the date of the item's content and/or when it was published are what people really want to see.  The metadata date could be there, too, but it should be labelled properly.
    o The "by" field shows the login name of the item's owner.  Isn't it bad security practice to reveal our login IDs?  This should be replaced by the real name of the item creator, which shouldn't necessarily be associated with any AGO login name.  The organization should be able to choose to leave it blank.

    ·  If you create an item based on something that has ArcGIS metadata and AGO can detect it, the metadata should be automatically loaded.
    ·  You should be able to supply a path to a metadata file for items whose metadata AGO cannot detect.
    ·  You shouldn't be required to enter a title or tags for an item if you provide a metadata file.
    ·  You should be able to upload a metadata file to update the details for existing AGO items.
    ·  There should be a simple metadata editor in ArcGIS Desktop that only shows you the fields used by the AGO details pages.

    Here are ArcCatlog metadata editor paths to the user-editable ArcGIS metadata items I think AGO should make available on the Details pages:
    · Overview>Item Description>Title
    · Overview>Item Description>Description
    · Overview>Item Description>Summary
    · Overview>Item Description>Use Limitation
    · Overview>Item Description>Thumbnail
    · Overview>Item Description>Credits
    · Overview>Topics and Keywords>Theme Keywords (Tags)
    · Overview>Citation>Presentation Form (The choices available here need to be expanded to include things like services, dynamic maps, and applications.  Maybe a new metadata field should be created if this conflicts with the ISO standard.)
    · Overview>Citation>Dates>Published
    · Overview>Citation Contacts>Contact>Author Name (I would use this if the author is a person.)
    · Overview>Citation Contacts>Contact>Originator Name (I would use this if the creator is an organization rather than a recognized individual)
    · Resource>Extents>Temporal (Period or Instant) Extent (Date)